Poster campaign tackles sexual harassment on streets

The group says women change their behaviour due to the harassment

The group says women change their behaviour due to the harassment

A poster campaign has been launched in towns and cities across Argentina aimed at combating the verbal harassment of girls and women on the street.

The Acción Respeto group hopes the campaign will raise awareness of the impact that shouting sexual obscenities and making aggressive remarks has on women.

Many of the posters feature phrases commonly shouted by men on the streets, together with the tagline “if it makes you uncomfortable reading it, imagine hearing it.”

Other posters raise awareness of how women and girls have had to change their daily behaviour due to the verbal abuse they receive in public.

A statement on the group’s Facebook page says: “From an early age women are subjected to these types of aggressive and intimidating comments, practically every day of their lives.

“These aggressions are taken lightly by society as they are considered part of our culture and because of this women are obliged to tolerate this violence and those who complain are labeled as exaggerating, or even ungrateful.”

Similar poster campaigns have also taken place in other South American countries as part of International Anti-Street Harassment week.


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